DV Grapa


The fresh lees and marc that give rise to this distillate were obtained by separating the remaining solid parts of the fermentation of Malbec grapes for 13 days in stainless steel tanks. They were then placed in the alembic to concentrate the alcohol and extract those aromatic substances that define a quality staple. To ensure these conditions, a triple distillation was carried out, eliminating the "head" and "tail" each time to use only the so-called "body". The experience of the master distiller is fundamental in this process, since not all the substances contained in the head and the tail should be eliminated, as doing so, would lose important aromas and flavors.


  • Varietal: 100% Malbec
  • Alcohol: 40.9%
  • Harvest: Manual
  • Vineyard: Adrianna - Gualtallalary, Tupungato - 1,470 ft
DV Catena Cabernet


This young staple is crystal clear and limpid. In the nose, its perfume is intense, complex, persistent and very aromatic. Red berries and subtle cinnamon notes stand out. In the mouth, it is a soft staple, easy to take, with a persistent and sweet finish.