DV Catena Olive Oil


This oil comes from olive groves planted by Don Domingo Vicente Catena 50 years ago. It is from Libertad district, in the area of Rivadavia, Mendoza, where the first malbec vines were planted. These old olive trees are harvested manually, when maturity of the fruit is optimal. The time of harvest varies according to the different varieties, so it is necessary to harvest in several passes. Thus, the Arbequina variety is harvested with 30% of pint, the Frantoio variety with 50% and the Picual variety with 60%. "Pinta" is the name given to the state of the olive when it is changing from green to dark green, at which time it presents the highest expression in aromas and flavors, something that we prioritize on the amount of oil. After the harvest, the fruit is transported immediately to the processing establishment, where within 24 hours it is processed by a continuous extraction system at low temperature.

DV Catena Cabernet


  • Color: yellow with greenish reflections.
  • Aroma: intense fruity, with leaves to freshly cut herbs and green apple.
  • Flavor: fruity, with freshly cut olives, with bitter and spicy in full harmony.