Mariela Molinari

mariela molinari
"I am constantly looking for a new way to improve things and to challenge myself. I suppose this natural insatiable appetite for new challenges is what led me to the Catena family. We’re always pushing the boundaries to make a wine that represents our place among the best in the world."
Mariela Molinari

Winemaker & Export Director, Europe

Mariela joined the Catena family as winemaker in 2004, and today she also serves as the director of exports for the European market. Mariela’s career has taken her to the premier wine regions in the world. Upon receiving her degree at Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Mariela worked at Kendall Jackson in both Napa Valley and in Sonoma at the Jackson family’s esteemed Vérité property.

Additionally, she oversaw two of Kendall Jackson’s international projects in Argentina and Chile. Today Mariela plays an instrumental role in helping the Catena family build a stronger presence in the European market. She travels back to Mendoza annually for harvest.